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Welcome once again to the last sessions of  Home Financing Master Class. In the previous session where you learned about mortgage rates and how to get approved, it is finally time to plan out your mortgage payments. Hi, this is Mujtaba Syed. I am a Mortgage Specialist.

Here is what you will learn from this course:

✅  Learn the difference between interest rates and mortgage rates

✅  Learn how to find the best mortgage rates

✅  How to plan out mortgage payment cycle

✅  Learn to pay off mortgage payments faster

✅  Whether paying mortgage payments faster is a good decision


Session 4: Mortgage Rates

Interest rate vs. Mortgage rate

Welcome back to our new session on Mortgage Rates. The very first thing you need to understand is the difference between the interest rates and mortgage rates. Technically, mortgage rates are interest rates but are far lower than the latter. If we see the interest rates you may find 8% or 7% but on the contrary mortgage rates can be at most 2 - 3%. To give you a deeper insight Mujtaba has very interesting facts to disclose in the upcoming video.


How to shop for the best mortgage rates?

This module is set up for you to get wholesome advice when it comes to shopping for mortgage rates. In the modern world when it comes to shopping the very first thing that comes to a person’s mind is to find the desired product online. Similarly, you can access the internet for the best mortgage rates too. Now, what are the better mortgage rates? If you think the lower the rate the better it is, then let’s find out if it’s true in this session.

Session 5: Mortgage Payments

How do mortgage payments work

Coming in again now that you know what mortgage rates are and how to get the best one, you must be aware of how the mortgage payments work. Well, they depend entirely on you. There are many ways to plan out your mortgage payments and choose that suits your needs. It is surprising to see how convenient it is to have the installments mapped out and get along with the procedure as smoothly as possible. In this part-session, Mujtaba will suggest some key factors that will help you in getting a better idea of it.


How to pay off your mortgage faster

As we discussed briefly the Prepayment privileges in the last session, we will be reflecting some more light on it. In this class, you will be filled with some great techniques to get off your mortgage payments as early as possible.


Pay off your mortgage fast or invest?

This is a very important question in order to have secure financial stability in the future. Whether it is right to pay off the mortgage at its earliest or are there better investment options at your disposal? To answer some of these fundamental concerns you need to follow us in the upcoming video.



We are glad you followed us through the complete process of home financing. These sessions were conducted to educate you about the options available at your disposal and how easy it is to get a home. We hope that you find the information useful and relevant. To keep receiving such interesting facts, follow our blog posts. We thank you for your time.

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